Birgit Schenkermayer



I also grew up on our farm just like my brother did. I have always been the first one to come to when my brother came up with an idea because I listened to him and supported his ideas. From the beginning on it was clear for me that I will definitely support his idea, but I wanted to wait until the timing was right and wanted to fulfil my own dreams first. That’s why I went into the tourism sector.

With 14 I attended the school of hotel management in Upper Austria.

Between the years of school, I did my internship in Tyrol during the summer and I really enjoyed it. After graduating from school, I did many more internships across Austria. With 20 I then decided to go to Switzerland to work there for a few months, but these months soon turned into years. I worked in a newly opened restaurant where I felt home soon. I enjoyed the atmosphere and the ideas I could give as an input and I was very happy. But over the years I felt that it’s time to go home again. So, I went back home to Lower Austria to work on some projects and to learn a lot.

After a certain period of time I got an amazing job offer by a company in Salzburg, because of this I then lived in Salzburg for another couple of years.

During my time in Salzburg I felt that it was more and more the time to bring Sweed Power onto the market. In the beginning I commuted a lot between my workplace and our parents’ home to help my brother. After some time, I made the final decision to quit my job in Salzburg to go back home and have more time for Sweed Power Since 2019 I lead Sweed Power together with my brother Tony, where I’m responsible for the Marketing part. Today I’m 100% convinced that Sweed Power is not only my brothers dream but also my dream because it’s a lot of fun to work with the nature. Moreover, this gives me the possibility to discover new talents within myself and enables me to grow beyond my limits.