We are raising our voice against the seemingly unstoppable deforestation. We stand for the environment, for the planet earth and the future generations that will be living on it.

Therefore, we would like to secure our future generations a nature without health risks. Moreover, we would like to stop the depletion of resources and stand up for changes because only together we can change something.

We are natural

Sweed Power is a regional nature-lifestyle drink which consists of apples, pears, hemp, and a touch of cinnamon and clove. The perfect drink for nature lovers.

Moreover, Sweed Power is free from taurine and caffeine, there’s also no added sugar and we do it completely without any chemical ingredients and additives.

How we work

We are giving the world it’s air to breathe.

Sweed Power has developed the world’s most ecological and environmentally friendliest drink. Out of the pure power of nature we set goals for our environment and we also give the Austrian farmers a better and well-thought-out possibility to earn money. Together with your support we can build new infrastructures which secure a home for the smallest but most important beings, like the bees, where they can live in a world without pesticides.

We work sustainable 

Water is an important good for all of us and because of that we treat water in a sustainable way. Sweed Power consists to 80% of fresh juices therefore we only use a small quantity of water. This isn’t only environmentally friendly but also saves a lot of water, because water will definitely play an important role in the future.