Florian Dieminger

Thanks to the natural power of Sweed Power I’m always super motivated to race whether it’s just for training or for the races.

Florian is 15 years old and is riding Motocross successfully since he has been 5 years old. Next to claiming the 65cc Title in the MX Masters Austria series and becoming vice-champion in the lower Austrian MX Championship he can also call himself Austrian 85cc Champion in 2018 and Auner Cup 2019 Champion on 125cc. Moreover, Florian is racing on an international level too, where he competes in the European MX Championship and in the international ADAC MX Masters series.

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Mario Palmsteiner & Riccardo Holzer

Sweed Power gives us the natural boost which is necessary during an exhausting Rallye day.

Mario Palmsteiner and Riccardo Holzer are two Austrian Rallye racers. In 2018 they became Austrian Rallye challenge winners and took part in some Austrian Championship races where they could claim a step on the podium. This year the two racers will take part in the lower Austrian Rallye and in the Dobersberg Rallye. They will decide spontaneously if they will take part in other races.

Palmsteiner_Holzer 450