Tony Schenkermayer

Inventor & CEO


It all started with an idea, more precisely with a childhood dream on our farm.

I grew up with my parents and my siblings on a farm in the beautiful western part of Lower Austria which is also called „Mostviertel “. My parents run their own business as they sell the products that are produced on our farm. I ‘m helping them out since I was a child therefore it’s safe to say that I ‘m very connected to the nature.

My childhood dream was actually quite different from what I’m doing now but somehow it also led me to founding Sweed Power. As a young boy I dreamed of becoming a professional motocross rider.

On our farm we didn’t only sell our products, but we also had a motocross track next to where the Austrian motocross championship was held yearly by the local Motocross club.

During summertime a lot of riders were practicing there, and I had the possibility to meet one or the other MX rider. By getting to know them you soon find yourself an Idol and you start dreaming of being a professional rider just like them. When I turned 4, I got my first MX bike as birthday present. I trained hard and also had talent, which was probably given to me by my father as he was riding good too and even had finished within the top 3 for several times.

My dream then suddenly ended when I was 6 and was diagnosed with scoliosis.

From one day to another my life has changed and a I spent a lot of time outside in the nature as this was actually a thing I was allowed to do. This also led me to the job I’m doing now because for years I have watched farmers leaving most of their fruit harvest on the ground and only using a small part. Over the years this topic became more and more important for myself and I always thought there has to be a solution for that problem. Then I had the enlightening idea. I took some left-over apples and fruits and made juice out of them. I stood behind the kitchen stove by myself and started experiencing. In the beginning I worked on that project next to my regular job as metal worker but very soon it was clear for me that I want to do it full time together with my sister. Now I have founded the company together with my sister Birgit.

Living with the nature, changing things together and going a step in the right direction day by day is what makes life worth it.

Last but not least I would like to mention that I try to support talented athletes especially in the field of Motocross as it still is my big passion. I had to give up my dream, but I would like to give others the possibility to live theirs because dreams should be lived and not dreamed.